Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work

News & Story Ideas

Talk with participants and alumni in your area

We can connect you with program participants and/or alumni in your area, giving you a local angle on an important national celebration.

Tips on how to plan Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day at your workplace

Learn helpful tips on how workplaces can prepare for the fourth Thursday in April.

High school dropout rates at an all-time high

A visit to the workplace may be just what the doctor ordered to keep kids in school.

Workplace activity ideas

Fun and educational activity ideas can be used in all types of workplaces, from corporations and restaurants to universities and home offices.

How workplaces serve the program

Learn how employers and businesses have contributed to the program's development.

How Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day benefits workplaces

Some businesses aren’t sure they can afford to invest in the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day program. Learn how the program can provide an important boost to workers and their families, plus tips on how to keep the program inexpensive.

Build Partnerships that Educate and Empower

Developing a sense of empowerment in girls and boys by helping them learn about the world of work means building partnerships between businesses and schools, adults and children, workplaces and neighborhoods so all children can go to work on the fourth day in April. Learn how TODASTW Day incorporates this theme into its activities and get recommendations on ways that workplaces can do so as well.

Taking the program worldwide

Every year, the program receives requests from countries seeking assistance in setting up their own observances of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. The foundation is currently working to partner with NGOs in other countries, as well as US corporations that operate in other countries, to establish a model program.
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